Family Pictures - Fall 2012

Just got our family pics back... I really like them!
Here are a few of my faves, enjoy...

My boys are my world... can't even begin to explain my love for them.
So lucky to have 3 wonderful men in my life!




Instagram is to blame for my blog being neglected the past few months.
A few friends and family have asked what happened to my blogging... well Instagram happened!
Its quite addicting, and a really cool way to record your life through pictures.
Anyways, lots has happened in the past couple months...
  • Birthday's!  Cisco turned 1, I turned 21, and Tuck turned 3 :)
  • Swim lessons.  Tuck took swimming lessons for the first time with his buddies, Wesley and Eli.  He had a blast... a near drowning experience which makes me cry just thinking about it, but none the less, a blast was had.
  • Summer turned to Fall, and we've been loving the cooler weather.  It's still pretty nice here, so we've had lots of bike rides and park days.  Plus there's a really cool pumpkin patch close to our house, and the boys want to hit it up everyday!
  • Halloween.  This was the first year Tuck has not only been willing, but wanted to wear a halloween costume and go trick or treating.  He was batman, because what 3 year old doesn't want to be batman, and Cisco was a skunk.  We went trick or treating with friends and fun was had by all.
  • Family pictures!  After 8 1/2 years of marriage I finally talked Tylor into getting family pics.  We've never had professional pictures done since we been married so I was thrilled about it.  I've only seen a few of them because the photographer is still editing them, but so far I love them... the boys are darling!
  • School, school, school.  Tylor is taking 19 credits this semester... between school and work I swear I barely see him.  He's pretty overwhelmed with it all, but is able to manage everything like the champ he is.  I'm not kidding I literally have to schedule family time... it's only temporary though, that's what I keep telling myself.  
  • Oh and how could I forget... Cisco bug is walking!  He started walking just after he turned 13 months, and now he thinks he rules the house.  Walks around, tearing everything apart, and yelling at us when we're not doing what he wants us to be doing.  He's a funny, funny boy.  Him and Tuck are starting to play together a lot more, and it's really fun to watch them be brothers.  
Here comes picture overload of the last couple months...

August 31 - Cisco's Birthday & Tylor's fabulous smile!

Cisco's Birthday - making icing.

We had dinner and cupcakes with a few friends for his birthday dinner.

This is Tuck on the left - Oct. 26, 2010 on his 1st birthday.  And Cisco on the right August 31, 2012 on his 1st birthday.  I thought it would be fun to dress Cisco the same as Tuck to compare them side by side.  Cute, cute brothers... they definitely have their own looks. 
Our favorite thing ever - bike rides.

Park days.

This was a first for me - child falling asleep in high chair... had to capture the moment.
Swim lessons for Tuck boy!
Brothers watching their brothers swim lessons.

Baby mullet.  Can't bring myself to cut his locks.  Love his mullet :)

Took the train to City Creek shopping center with friends.  Tuck was obsessed with the train.

Ty's new ride.  1969 Chevy short box.  2 car seats in the front because Tylor took my car for work.  Never had so many stares in my life.  The boys loved it... they could see the world.
Pumpkin Patch

Three little pigs... well one is quite large actually.
The boys.  They've made a tradition of going to I-Hop for breakfast every Thursday while I'm at work.

My handsome red head has a bike obsession.
In Cedar City for Lyza's baby blessing... Tuck loved this light house.

Cisco's awesome hair after a rough, sick, sleepless night.

My Birthday... the big two eight.

Came into the family room and found the boys watching cartoons like this!  Hahaha, I died laughing.  Don't mess with us :)
Oct. 26, 2012.  Good morning Birthday boy!
Took the boys to the dinosaur museum for Tuck's birthday.  He was in heaven.

Little boys digging for dinosaur bones... life doesn't get much better.
Tuck's dinosaur cake.  I was so proud of my non-domestic self for this masterpiece.  Now Ty wants a dinosaur cake for his b-day.
Present time for Tuck.  When you realize last minute your husband forgot to pick up wrapping paper (when you asked him nicely to) you use blankets of course :)

The coveted Tow Mater quad Tuck had been begging for months to get.  Happy Birthday Tuck!

Went to a haunted house with friends.  Girls about died of screaming... boys just laughed at us!

Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treating with Cohen and Kensley.
This little turkey has been getting into trouble.  Need toilet locks!
My beautiful family.

So that's life for now.  Hopefully I update this a little sooner than last time, but don't count on it!