Day 58

Saying Goodbye.
Today we said goodbye to our favorite friends we've met here in Costa Rica.
It was actually kind of sad.
Tuck said goodbye to his favorite security guard, "Grandpa". He is the nicest old man that is always looking out for Tuck, and giving him toys and high fives. He's so cute!
Then Michelle, Gabby, and Alejandro took us to a look out for sunset that was beautiful.
And we hit up our favorite restaurant to eat, and say goodbye to Tuck's waitress friend. She's obsessed with him!
Tomorrow morning we will pack and go for a farewell surf, and then we are off to San Jose to fly out on Friday morning.
Wow, it's been awesome and it has flown by so fast!
See you in Montana...

A great view of Jaco.

Gabby & Michelle (seriously the nicest girlies ever)

Ready for Sushi!

You've been good to us Costa Rica.
Until next time... farewell.


Day 56

Today we went to the quicksilver Little Grommets surf competition in Hermosa.
It was boys and girls 16 years old and under.
It was cool to watch and these kids were so impressive on their surf boards.
Just a few pics from the competition...

Here's my cute Little Grommet and Tylor at sunset.

Random pics of the surfers.

You can see this kid coming out of the barrel.

Very cool.


Day 54

In one week from now we will be pulling up in the snow to our little trailer in Montana!
I can't believe how fast these last 2 months have flown by.
They have been awesome. If you ever have the chance to do something like this... do it.
It has been an adventure we will never forget, and feel so lucky we got the experience.
Today is my Dad's birthday... Happy Birthday Dad!
To celebrate, we went to Villa Caletas, a secluded hotel about 20 minutes from Jaco. It's too bad you couldn't make it Dad!
It is on a cliff top and goes down the side of the mountain. It's famous for watching the beautiful sunset. So we got to sit out on the terrace for half an hour, order some drinks, and watch the gorgeous sunset.
I Love Costa Rica.


Day 47

Yesterday, we woke up to the news of the devastating earthquake in Japan, and the tsunami alerts along the Pacific Coast. It was a little scary when we found out Costa Rica was one of the countries on red alert for a tsunami. It was predicted to hit around 4 p.m. Thankfully, the alert was canceled and nothing happened here.
Here are some pics from the last few days. We haven't been up to a whole lot, just enjoying our last couple weeks here...

Yes, that's a kitchen spoon Tuck's digging with. We had to improvise.

Watching the sunset.

The buildings behind us are where we're staying.

Then Tuck decided he must go for a night swim.

Purely for entertainment.
I think I've mentioned our computer is on the fritz.
Well this is the only place we can get the computer to successfully stay on the internet for more than 10 minutes... the closet!
The computer has to be in the perfect place up on the luggage, kind of funny.
So this is Ty at the office, hard at work...


Day 42

Well I think we've officially been here in Jaco too long.
Haha, 3 different people last week told us they were so excited to have a new family move to town!
Isn't that funny. They said they've seen us riding our bikes around and in the grocery store.
We got a good kick out of that. I think Tuck is pretty noticeable, he's so cute and he's the only red headed boy around!

Anyways, today we decided Herradura or Bust.
Herradura is the next beach over from Jaco, and we've been planning to go there for weeks.
But every time we've made the plans, it's raining or Tuck takes a super long nap or something comes up. I think that was a sign, because Herradura was a...
First, I got car sick on the ride over there.
Then, it was probably the ugliest, most crowded beach we've visited here.
And third, it was so dang hot, we were all grumpy within 10 minutes!
I think that was all of Herrradura we needed, so we packed it up and called it a day!

Herradura Beach.
I guess it's not that ugly! This beach doesn't get the waves like Jaco, that's why all the fishing boats are here.

At low tide, you can walk from the land point on the left over to the island.

These next pics are for my Mom. I was telling her about these awesome train track earrings I knew she would love, and I told her I'd post some pics. Sorry Mom, when I made it back to the art store the earrings had been sold, and they only make each pair once. So I saw this other pair I thought you might like. Let me know what you think.

These are the earrings made of horn I was telling you about. I got a pair, but mine are a little different than what they have here. p.s. I got in trouble for taking pics!

After our Herradura adventures and the art store, we got lunch at Subway.
I think I've said how expensive American food is here and Tylor took pics because he thought it was so ridiculous.

1 foot long and 1 six inch = 7000.00 colones or 14.00 dollars!
I think this would cost 8 bucks at the most back home.

Obviously Tuck has seen me lay out too much! He decided to climb up on the chair and soak up some rays.

A few more surf pics...


Day 39

Las Pilas Waterfalls!
This place was so cool.
It was about a 40 minute drive from Jaco, and the last half was spent on a rock road (not gravel), like huge boulders in places. It was so loud and bumpy driving on this road, we had to yell to talk to each other. I couldn't tell if Tuck was yapping because he was mad or happy.
Anyways, the waterfalls are more of a local spot, not touristy at all.
Our cute friend, Gabby, took us there.
It's on this guys farm, so the land is private. They let you park at their house and you pay 2 dollars. Then it's a short hike in and you come to these beautiful waterfalls.
It is 4 consecutive falls with large pools beneath each fall.
Coolest place ever!
It's like mother nature's water park.
Lots of pics, I couldn't help myself...

Hiking to the falls.

Gabby and the boys. This was the steepest part of the hike.
Basically climbing up tree roots.

Tylor thought these Leaf Cutter Ants were so cool.
I'm not as impressed... they should be carrying larger leaves.

View of the falls from the very bottom.
The 4th fall is up around the bend, so you can't see it from here.

Tuck wanted to hop right in.

He's ticked in this picture because Tylor wouldn't let go of his hand.

This tree was so cool.
You can see the roots on the right and the tree is alive, it bends back up toward the light and there are green leaves on the end. Amazing I tell ya.

Gabby and I, contemplating our jump.

Mother Nature's water slide... so fun!

Tuck was a little ticked here.
He wanted his Mom so bad, but this pool was deep, and I can't tread water with a boy in my arms.

Only my Dad will appreciate this picture.
I took it on the way home. These trees are their fence posts to keep the cows in.
Apparently the bark grows around the barb wire and it's really sturdy.
You might want to think about his Dad. It's cute too!

When we got home from our awesome waterfall adventure, we had this nice friend waiting for us on the patio. His body was the size of my hand. Huge!