Day 8

It was my 2nd surf lesson this morning.
So awesome!
A little harder than the first time because he put me on a shorter board, so it took a bit getting used to.
I believe I can say, this is the hardest, funnest sport I've ever tried.

For all you boys, you'll be glad to hear that women are crazy all around the world! What did my surf instructor talk to me about while waiting for the perfect wave?... girl problems! haha. I had no advice for him but to say, Yes, we are sometimes crazy, but you need us, so deal with it.

So I had 3 perfect hours this morning surfing, while Tylor manned the beach with Tuck.

Oh that's just me... tryin to catch a wave. (I know I look retarded, but I promise you this is hard)

Day 7

Taking his new surfboard out for a spin.

Watching Dad surf and quite possibly getting a wiff of somebody down wind.

"Mom, I see the guy who's making my nose hurt."

The "Taco Bar" for dinner, so good, plus the chairs are swings!


Day 6

Believe it or not (i don't know why you wouldn't, we are super friendly people), but we made some Costa Rican friends. Or maybe Tuck made us the friends, he seems to attract a lot of attention our way.
Anyways, they invited us to this surf competition in Hermosa.
Alejandro, the dude, was competing in it, and it was pretty cool to watch.
It was right before sunset, so it was gorgeous.
We watched them surf until the sun went down.
Good people, good food, good beach, great sunset...
Perfect end to our day.

Surf Comp.

It's the weekend here and oh does it get crazy!
Jaco is the closest beach town to the city, San Jose, so tons of people from the city come here every weekend.
Plus, it's summer holidays for all the kids in school. They get Dec. & Jan. off.
Anyways, this town was NUTS saturday night.
One cool thing about Costa Rica, is there are really no rules on the beach...
people can camp wherever they want, you can have bonfires, and you can drive your car right up on the beach. Anything goes.

Taken Saturday night from our balcony. The entire beach looked like this. Families camping, kids running around naked, lots of noise; it was pretty funny!

Day 5

Finally... my turn for a surf lesson!
This was so much fun, in fact I'm taking another one Monday morning.
My goal is to take 1 lesson a week and practice on my own, and hopefully I will be able to get up and carve a little by the time we leave.
Tylor's goal is to surf Hermosa, it's the next beach over and the waves are quiet a bit bigger than here on Jaco.
The only problem is... Tuck! hahaha, not to be rude but he makes it impossible for us to go surfing together. So I have to go out into the deep, dark ocean on my own and hopefully not get swallowed up by the waves!

The most exciting part of Tylor's day... a new surfboard!
It slept between us that night.

For Jordan Jensen (because he's the only one who will appreciate this pic)
The surf shop where Ty bought his board and the half pipe he was telling you about.

Tuck boy running around, trying to escape outside... he throws a tantrum every time we come inside!


Day 4

Interesting story of the day...

I wrote about the grocery store a couple days ago, and how hard it was to find anything. We were told by a couple people about this "awesome" grocery store about 10 minutes away, so we decided to check it out.
We walked in and instantly realized it was definitely for the rich & famous... a.k.a. not us!
The whole store was filled with imported American products that were 3-4 times the price as back home. I get that it costs a lot to import, but I think that we will have to leave our favorite American goods behind until we return to Montana, and stick to the local stuff. Goodbye ketchup, goodbye cereal, goodbye licorice and most of all... goodbye Campbell's Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup (Tuck's favorite, I add vegetables to it... the only way he eats his veggies)
He loves it so much, I packed 4 cans to bring with us down here! Oh well, he loves the rice and beans.

Walmart in Montana - $2.00 Grocery Store in Costa Rica - $6.50 (for 1 can!)

My handsome boys... watching the sun set.


Day 3

Today's events...

- Tuck slept until 11:30 (still recovering from the long trip)
- Played at the pool & ocean
- Nap time (for Tuck, not me!)
- Meanwhile, Tylor got to take a surf lesson from a pro surfer (mine turn is to come)
- Went out for some traditional Costa Rican food

I didn't know I was gonna love it here this much! I might have to talk Tylor into turning this into a 90 day blog instead of 60.

Jaco Rustica... authentic Costa Rican food, so good! Our plates were licked clean... Tuck helped.


Day 2

Not to make anyone back at home jealous... but day 2 was Perfecto!
We slept till 1 in the afternoon (much needed), looked out our front window and ran to the beach, got something to eat, Tuck took a long nap (also, much needed), went to the pool, and then went grocery shopping.
Grocery shopping was an adventure, we were in the market an hour and came out with 5 items! Everything is in Spanish, obviously, but there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the layout of the grocery store. You basically have to walk down every isle to find what you need. Maybe they do this to watch us white guys run around looking for things, who knows. Great tip... if you ever come to Costa Rica, look for eggs in the non-refrigerated areas!

Our beach!

The view from our family room... amazing!

On our way to the grocery store, we have to carry everything home!

Day Uno

Long, long trip to Costa Rica...
We started our morning off at 4 a.m. and arrived at our condo in Costa Rica at 12:30a.m. There is a 1 hour time difference, so this makes the total travel time a grand total of 19.5 nasty hours!

Although I have to say, Tuck boy was a dream! I was a way worse traveler then him, he mostly just flirted with the ladies sitting behind us on the plane, and slept, and ate lots and lots of bad treats (way too much sugar). The flight attendant kept bringing him these cookies because he'd say "ohh, ohh" every time she walked by! He's a funny boy.

This is us feeling wasted, getting ready to go through customs in Costa Rica...
can you tell I've been up since 4 a.m.? And yes, I carried all this luggage to the car, while Tylor played Mom... not, I was useless!

See you tomorrow!

60 Days in Costa Rica!

I am documenting our 2 month trip in Costa Rica, and am hoping to print it into a book in the future. I used to think blogging was kinda gay but realized, hey, this could be a useful thing... I am planning on posting a picture everyday of our trip and I think it will make a really cool keep sake. Maybe I'll get hooked in the crazy mom blog world and continue after Costa Rica, we'll see...


My beautiful brown eyed boy ready to face the cold.

thank you, thank you, thank you

Thank you very much to all the non-wenchy people at the Canadian Consulate!

Yes! That means, Tylor was able to get a passport issued in 24 hours!
All my Costa Rica dreams are still going to come true...
we're leaving on Monday, Jan. 24th and I'm so excited for Tuesday!

I could definitely sleep through the 14 hours of travel time on Monday and wake up Tuesday to the sound of the ocean and the sun at 6 am. I love early sun rises, I definitely drag myself out of bed right now when Tuck starts talking to himself at 8:30 am and it's still dark out.

Asta Minyana ( I believe this is goodbye or something close to that in Spanish )


Keepin busy while we wait...

costa rica can you hear me?

Have you ever planned a 2 month vacation and waited 6 months for it to finally arrive, and you get mentally prepared for the 14 hour travel time with your 14 month old, and then 6 hours before your flight leaves you hear mad swearing coming from the bedroom and you come to find your husband realizes his passport is expired?

I have.

I am supposed to be on the beach right now building sand castles with Tuck and burying Tylor in the sand, instead I'm blogging from my trailer in Montana... don't get me wrong, I love Montana and my trailer, but the news was a bit heart breaking.

Anyways, current trip status is, Tylor is in Calgary trying to get an emergency passport, while me and Tuck are here, vehicle-less, waiting... Worst case scenario, we just postpone the trip for a couple weeks, so it's all good.

I am starting this blog so our families can see what we're up to in Costa Rica, and know that we are alive and well. My goal is to put up a picture a day, so I can document our trip and let my Mom know Tuck is loving Central America! Enjoy.