Day 35

I'm pretty sure I'm getting my days mixed up.
Oh well, you get the point.
We don't typically take pictures everyday, and just writing can be boring, so that's why the posts are only coming every few days...

Tuck has now decided he is a true blue boy.
When we first got here, he absolutely hated the feeling of the sand or dirt on his hands and feet, and didn't even want to be put down on it. Now, he is digging in it, rolling in it, ruining his clothes... you get the picture. This pic was the first time he decided, hey this dirt stuff is actually kinda fun.

Obsessed with Dad's surf board.

Great shots of Ty.

The end.


Day 31

Tylor in action...
Ty pretty much surfs everyday here and I finally got some pics.
This is his first time really surfing (he did a little in New Jersey but pretty much has taught himself here)
He rides a short board, which is sweet because usually you need to be a little more advanced to do so.
So pretty much, he's awesome!
haha See for yourself...

Tuck insists on helping wax the board before Ty goes out.

My cute surfer boy.


Day 30!

I can't believe our trip is half over.
It feels like we just got here yesterday, and now we're already over the hump!
Here are some pics from the last few days...

Sunday night stroll on the beach.

Tuck could have stood on this rock for hours... the waves would rush in around it and he loved it!

Sweet stand-up paddle boarding dude.
I want to try this... you stand on the board at all times and use a paddle.
He was awesome, and he ran someone over, so that was funny.

This was my sucker for about 8 seconds.
He's so smart, he stood in the corner and did not move for 10 minutes until it was gone.
So I gave him 5 more! Jokes.

Latest surf lesson...
The biggest waves Mauricio has put me on.
A lot of fun, and a little nerve wracking.
I also got my first surf wound...
I got a wave on my head and was slammed to the ocean floor.
This break was a rock bottom so I just got my leg cut up and bruised.
Mauricio felt so bad, he said your husband is going to kill me.
I assured him, my husband was watching and laughing at me! (and he was)


Day 24

Manuel Antonio!

That's the name of the national park we visited today.
So cool.
Took lots of pics.

Beautiful view of this cool bay, this was before Manuel Antonio.
The water was so blue, you could see the bottom.

This sign should say "Beware of crazy monkeys!"

Really cool Iguanas or Lizards? Not sure which.

Cute little sloth. I'd never even heard of this animal.


Termite nest, apparently they make candy out of termites here!
They're full of protein, mmm mmm.

Can you see the family of monkeys?

About half way through the park you come to this beautiful hidden beach.
We decided to take a much needed rest. This is our cute tour guide Gabby.

Okay, these monkeys have obviously been around humans too much!
They come right up to you at the beach looking for food.
They are so dang smart, this one actually unzipped this lady's backpack looking for the goods, but nothing was found. So instead he walked over to this other blanket and took a lady's sandwich, she wasn't taking any crap from this monkey and went after him to get her sandwich back! Hilarious!
Apparently they take people purses all the time and head up the trees!

After the hike, Gabby took us to this amazing hotel on a cliff top in the town.
The view was breath taking. Pictures don't do justice.

So fun.


Day 21 & 22 & 23

So the computer has been hot and cold lately...
right now, she's hot, so I can post a blog finally!

We took a little rest the last couple of days and woke up Sunday feeling very refreshed and ready for some action, instead we got...


For the last 3 days it has rained off and on, and the rain here means serious business.
It's like torrential down pour. That's okay, it's kinda been refreshing to have some cooler weather.

Here's a few pics over the last couple of days.

Watching the rain come down.

Beautiful sunset, but Tuck doesn't care... he loves the birds!

Favorite juice bar.

And last, but certainly not least.
Our new pet monkey...

We call him Tuck.

Honestly, I don't know where he learns these things.
I know, this looks dangerous, but I promise I am watching at all times.

Side note: If you're thinking to yourself... why is this kid always naked? I'll tell you. This is Costa Rica people, it's very humid and a boy has got to air out! It's a must.


Day 19 & 20

L. A. Z. Y.

I believe our last 18 days of go go go fun have caught up to us.
We woke up Friday morning feeling super drained.
So we haven't done much of anything the last couple days.
Mostly hung out in the house and went to the pool.
In fact yesterday, the only body of water we made it into was the shower!
Tuck took a 4 hour nap, which ate up the whole afternoon, but hey, I'm not complaining...
I took a nap too.
So what adventures have day 19 & 20 took us on?
A whole lot of this...


Day 18

Today's blog is especially for the Grandmas.
Tuck has changed so much since we got here and has learned some new tricks in the last couple days...

Today he took the garbage from the bathroom, put it on his head and walked around the house for about a half hour, running into everything. It was hilarious!

Don't ask me where he learned this game, it's not one Tylor and I play often.

I took these pics for my Mom! He truly is your grandson. Today he got out the mixed nuts from the snack drawer and sat down for some T.V. and a snack! I honestly did not help him do this, and didn't even know he liked peanuts... he was only picking out the peanuts.

He also just learned to open the doors! They are leavers here, so he can reach up on his tip toes and open and close the doors... not good.
Funny, funny Tuck boy!