Spring is Sprung!

Yay!  Spring time is here, the weather's getting nice, the boat has touched the water, the easter bunny came, and we've been for our first pull behind the boat... it's our favorite time of the year! 
Here are a few pictures to document the start of spring...

The boyzies on Eater morning.

Our Cisco Man - 7 months


Finding his new bike in the garage... his face was priceless.

Tuck is obsessed with throwing rocks in the river.

Haha... this is an old pic from March at Harvest Foods in Bigfork.  I just found it on my phone... hilarious!


This is what Ty calls his "Spring Training".  I don't know if you can tell, but the rope is hooked to the boat tower in the driveway and Tylor practices and learns new wake board tricks on the tramp.  Which lead to...

Tuck's "Spring Training"

And this is what happens when it's time to come inside for dinner!

Tuck and I at Zayden's B-day Party... Chuck E Cheese... my worst nightmare... everyone in our family, but myself, got pink-eye 2 days later!


This pic just makes me laugh!

Here's to a fun summer filled with lots of sun, water, bare feet, and dirty boys.


  1. Your boys are seriously so cute. I can't believe how chunky Cisco is getting!