back to school

Yup, I said it... back to school. Tylor turns 30 this year, we now have 2 children, and he's back at UVU with the 18 year olds and return missionaries! So we are doing things backwards, do you expect anything less?
Just before Christmas, we had been contemplating him going back to finish his business degree. I was all for it, but I was thinking in May at the earliest, or September preferably so we could get in another summer on the lake. He talked to admissions and they said he could start January 9th, which was one week away! So instead of avoiding the inevitable, we decided on a Wednesday to move, packed the house up, moved on Sunday, and he started school on Monday. Not the funnest week of my life, but that's okay.
Deciding to move in 5 days left us homeless in Utah... thankfully we have awesome friends here and Joey & Rachel took us in for a week while we found a house to rent. After a lot of internet searching and driving around countless neighborhoods we landed in Springville, Utah. It's a really nice community with a million little cookie cutter houses... definitely no Montana backwoods, but that's okay for now.
So we've now been living in Utah for a month and a half and it's going pretty good. Ty loves school and is doing very good; me and Tuck miss Montana but we try to hide our sorrow and embrace Utah for all it has to offer.. not much, jokes! We just miss our great friends, the lake, and living in the boonies. Everyday Tuck asks me if he can play with Rio now, it's kind of sad.
Here's some pics since we've been in Utah...

Saying goodbye to my Young Women in Montana... I cried. They're the coolest girls ever.

We do have a park less than a block from our house, which is nice.

Cisco - 5 months

haha, really needs a haircut!

Tuck's mean head butt = mom's black eye.

Our Sunday night tradition... popcorn & a movie.

Cisco's favorite pastime.

Potty training!
I'm proud to say, it's been several days without an accident.

It's been really nice out and we live close to the Springville skate park... so many afternoons will be spent at the skate park.

Tuck and his Dad rippin up the half pipe.

I thought this was funny... this is the original apartment Tylor and I lived in 7 years ago when we first moved to Provo and I was in Dental Hygiene school.

This is the current house in Springville.... so though we are doing things backwards, we are moving up the totem pole!

The end of Utah the past month and a half.


  1. I'm learning a lot through your posts. . . ha. As far as I knew, you were still in Montana. I think it's great though. We were in the same boat (going back to school to finish after a few years off). Jake is done in a few weeks and was also in classes with all the 18 year olds and HATED it. But like you said, you wouldn't be in the same place if things had been different.

    I think Cisco looks exactly like you, especially in that picture of your black eye. He's even pouting his lips like yours! He's darling. I love the skate park pictures with Tuck on his little board! So great. Maybe one day I'll see you, now that you are closer to me?

  2. yeah, I am so excited that you started up your blog again. You and your family are so cute. Abby and boys equals a perfect family. I am really glad that you guys are in Utah for a bit. We need to get together when I come down to Utah next and hang out. Love ya.

  3. Your house is so nice looking! Can't wait to come play sometime!!

  4. hey I just found your blog via Mindy. I was excited to see how you guys are doing, I can't believe you guys moved from Echo, Jer will be disapointed to not see Tylor on the lake, I am sure he doesn't know so I will have to fill him in. But thats good he is in school and enjoying it.
    Your boys are seriously sooo cute! I will have to follow from now on!