life as of lately... lots of fun visitors!

Tuck & Avery = a happy cousin duo.
Tuck & Jordan = constant pushing, yelling, kicking, screaming, basically a full out brawl!  We couldn't figure it out, but for 10 days straight these 2 were at each other.  We're pretty sure they will be best of friends by the time they're 12.  This is the only picture I snapped of them actually playing with each other!

Everyone says Cisco looks like me... do you see it?

Tylor & his sister Holly.

May 28, 2012.  Our 8 year anniversary - spent boating with the fam!  Life is good.

Holly rippin up the surf.

Ha!  Love this pic of Cisco.

Spanish Fork splash pad.

Tuck & my Dad just livin life to the fullest.  Tuck is obsessed with his Grandpa... these 2 can't seem to get enough of each other!

Haha.  Love this.  My Dad was feeling young again and took the bullet bike out for a rip.

Like father, like daughter.  We both come back with a big smile after a stroll on the bike!
Springville Art City Days Carnival.  Tuck and I after our ride on the massive slide.

Waiting patiently while Tuck and I played.

Tuck had a blast... and we were those parents clapping and cheering for him!

Tuck is the little dude in the back.


  1. you guys are so cute! great pics, looks like your having a lot of fun!

  2. ps Cisco is so cute, love that one on the boat.. adorable!