Oh Tylor...

Friday, June 22, 2012 - race day for Tylor.

He's been riding track on his dirt bike a lot lately and some friends told him he was so fast, and he needed to join the Rocky Mountain Motocross Series up in Salt Lake City for the summer.
So of course he thought that was a "great" idea!

I hauled the kids down to the track on Friday night, and we were so excited to see him race for the first time.  Needless to say, first lap of his first race of the night, and he had a little accident that resulted in a big injury.  After seeing the paramedics he thought he had pulled a muscle in his shoulder, but I knew something was seriously wrong... his collar bone felt and looked different on each side and he was on the verge of passing out several times within the hour.

The next morning he had an x-ray done and oh was the damage a doozey!  He broke his collar bone in 3 places, and part of the bone was displaced.  The doctor said he needed immediate surgery.  We have emergency health insurance through Canada (yes, we take advantage of being Canadian), and they said unless the bone was sticking through the skin he needed to come to Canada for the surgery.
So I packed up the kids and the house and my broken husband, and drove us all to Canada (yes, I would have made a good pioneer women!)  It was a long trip and Tylor was much harder to deal with than the boys!

Friday race day and accident
Saturday drove to Canada
Sunday we headed straight to the Lethbridge E.R. where Tylor got a morphine drip (thank goodness I was so sick of hearing him whine)
Monday we saw the orthopedic surgeon
Tuesday he was admitted to the hospital for surgery
Wednesday night he had surgery
Thursday he got to come back to my parents to recover.

I kid you not the rest of the weekend I did everything for him... I even scratched his ear when it was itchy!  What a fun week!

Some of the set backs from this little accident - Tylor had to defer this semester of school, I am currently a single mother of 3 for a couple months, no more fun for Ty for a while, 5 days were spent in a Canadian hospital (kill me now), and the kids are dieing to jump on their Dad again.

On a positive note - this happened right before July 1st so we got to celebrate Canada day in Raymond which is always a good time, we got to have fun at the farm with cousins, and Tuck had a blast with his Grandma's and Grandpa's.

Pics to document this event...

Lucky number 13!

At Rocky Mountain Raceway right after the accident.

The damage.

At the Lethbridge E.R... finally feeling some relief with the magical morphine.

First day admitted into the Hospital for surgery.

Visiting Dad while he waited 2 days to get into the O.R.

12 hours post surgery... 1 metal plate, 6 screws, and 17 staples later.

The day after surgery... enjoying a beverage on my parents back porch.

Cheesy Cisco having fun at Grandma Johnson's.

Who needs a highchair... at Grandma Romeril's we sit in the sink to eat.


The farm is like Disney Land for Tuck... we let him loose like a wild dog.

Jill came home for the 1st... Tuck loves his Aunt Jill... and Cisco will one day!

Our family... and me in all my glory... no makeup, you'll never see this again!

Lots of quad rides with Grandpa Romeril.

Levi and Rocco launching the sweet rocket.

Tuck honestly couldn't get enough of his cousins!

July 1st.

Raymond Parade.

Avery, Jordan, & Tuck.

Grandma Jane taught Tuck how to play X's & O's.

Dr. Abby removing Tylor's staples... almost as fun as picking a zit!  Don't worry people, I know what I'm doing... we Youtubed it of course!

Staples out.

Cisco's new favorite toy.

All in all, it's been a crazy, fun adventure.
But I guess that's what life is all about.

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  1. That is so crazy!!!! That X-ray wow!! Glad he is healing up ok!!!