Day 42

Well I think we've officially been here in Jaco too long.
Haha, 3 different people last week told us they were so excited to have a new family move to town!
Isn't that funny. They said they've seen us riding our bikes around and in the grocery store.
We got a good kick out of that. I think Tuck is pretty noticeable, he's so cute and he's the only red headed boy around!

Anyways, today we decided Herradura or Bust.
Herradura is the next beach over from Jaco, and we've been planning to go there for weeks.
But every time we've made the plans, it's raining or Tuck takes a super long nap or something comes up. I think that was a sign, because Herradura was a...
First, I got car sick on the ride over there.
Then, it was probably the ugliest, most crowded beach we've visited here.
And third, it was so dang hot, we were all grumpy within 10 minutes!
I think that was all of Herrradura we needed, so we packed it up and called it a day!

Herradura Beach.
I guess it's not that ugly! This beach doesn't get the waves like Jaco, that's why all the fishing boats are here.

At low tide, you can walk from the land point on the left over to the island.

These next pics are for my Mom. I was telling her about these awesome train track earrings I knew she would love, and I told her I'd post some pics. Sorry Mom, when I made it back to the art store the earrings had been sold, and they only make each pair once. So I saw this other pair I thought you might like. Let me know what you think.

These are the earrings made of horn I was telling you about. I got a pair, but mine are a little different than what they have here. p.s. I got in trouble for taking pics!

After our Herradura adventures and the art store, we got lunch at Subway.
I think I've said how expensive American food is here and Tylor took pics because he thought it was so ridiculous.

1 foot long and 1 six inch = 7000.00 colones or 14.00 dollars!
I think this would cost 8 bucks at the most back home.

Obviously Tuck has seen me lay out too much! He decided to climb up on the chair and soak up some rays.

A few more surf pics...


  1. k the subway is cheaper then in canada...i guess it depends on what kinds. i am so jelous of all of your adventures it looks so beautiful! and tuck is darling!

  2. haha That's true Brooke. I forgot how expensive things are in Canada compared to the U.S. Tylor complains when we're home too! Watch, I'll be posting a picture of a subway receipt from Raymond when we get home!

  3. I can't believe that you guys have been there for 42 days. That went by fast. And lucky for you, you missed the freezing cold winter. I am so jelous. Without snowboarding winter sucks and when do I have time to snowboard without my abby.