Day 58

Saying Goodbye.
Today we said goodbye to our favorite friends we've met here in Costa Rica.
It was actually kind of sad.
Tuck said goodbye to his favorite security guard, "Grandpa". He is the nicest old man that is always looking out for Tuck, and giving him toys and high fives. He's so cute!
Then Michelle, Gabby, and Alejandro took us to a look out for sunset that was beautiful.
And we hit up our favorite restaurant to eat, and say goodbye to Tuck's waitress friend. She's obsessed with him!
Tomorrow morning we will pack and go for a farewell surf, and then we are off to San Jose to fly out on Friday morning.
Wow, it's been awesome and it has flown by so fast!
See you in Montana...

A great view of Jaco.

Gabby & Michelle (seriously the nicest girlies ever)

Ready for Sushi!

You've been good to us Costa Rica.
Until next time... farewell.


  1. I have to tell you this because I thought it was so funny but I had a dream last night that I came to Costa Rica to see you and you found yourself a Costa Rican boyfriend that was still in high school and you were in Love and Ty didn't know and it was a big secret the whole dream. lol. I woke up laughing because it was so funny.

  2. Love all your pictures! I wish we could get way like that! Can't believe how big Tuck is!