Day 47

Yesterday, we woke up to the news of the devastating earthquake in Japan, and the tsunami alerts along the Pacific Coast. It was a little scary when we found out Costa Rica was one of the countries on red alert for a tsunami. It was predicted to hit around 4 p.m. Thankfully, the alert was canceled and nothing happened here.
Here are some pics from the last few days. We haven't been up to a whole lot, just enjoying our last couple weeks here...

Yes, that's a kitchen spoon Tuck's digging with. We had to improvise.

Watching the sunset.

The buildings behind us are where we're staying.

Then Tuck decided he must go for a night swim.

Purely for entertainment.
I think I've mentioned our computer is on the fritz.
Well this is the only place we can get the computer to successfully stay on the internet for more than 10 minutes... the closet!
The computer has to be in the perfect place up on the luggage, kind of funny.
So this is Ty at the office, hard at work...

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