A Hop, Skip, and a Year Later...

I cannot believe a year has past since I blogged last.
I thought for sure I would keep it up after Costa Rica to document our crazy life.
But, a year has come and gone, and SO much has happened.
So here is a brief summary of the past year in the Tylor Johnson Family...

  • When we left Costa Rica I was 17 weeks pregnant and hadn't told anyone, except Tylor of course, so our families were completely blind sided by the news. (don't judge me for surfing pregnant, it's good for the soul:)
  • We got home to Montana and a month and a half later Ty was behind the boat!
  • In May, my Mom, Jill, and myself went to New York City for a week. We had a blast shopping and site seeing! This was my first time leaving Tuck, and it was super hard on me. I cried all the way to the airport and by the end of the trip all I wanted was to squeeze him in my arms.
  • On June 30th Echo Lake had a no-wake ban put on it due to flooding, so that really put a damper on our summer and we had to idle over to Peterson Lake to get any boating in. Yes, I picked the perfect summer to be pregnant.
  • At the end of August we decided to move 200 yards down the road to a bigger place. We were in the middle of moving when I went into labor... Tylor was literally nailing up baseboards while I lay on the couch in pain. I was not due for 10 days and was expecting to go over, so this was not how we planned it, but that's okay.
  • The best thing 2011 brought us was - Cisco Greggor Johnson - born August 31st! He is the cutest little bug, and such a good baby. We can't get enough of him!
  • I don't know about other people, but 2 kids was a big adjustment for me... it took me 3 months to figure out how to get everyone out of pajamas, teeth brushed, hair combed, breakfast fed, and ready for the day by noon; only to start on lunch! And I have 2 boys... no girls to throw cute hair into the mix.
  • Anyways, the Fall basically consisted of staying at home with the boys and adjusting to our new family of 4.

Now for the pictures... *WARNING* (way too many pics)

The day after we got back from Costa Rica.

May 10th - first day with the boat in the water & Ty wake-boarding in a wetsuit.

New York with the girls!


Ty's first diaper change while I was in NYC. (not even kidding, it had to be documented)

This is what we call "Summer Lovin".

Water over the cause-way to get to our place.

Tuck, Chloe, & Rio

July 4th parade in Bigfork.

Just watching the X-games.

Love this cute little mug!

All my family can to Echo for a week... this is Kohen, Lulu, Tuck, and Honey on the swings.

Oh and of course my cute Mom pushing them!

On August 31st this gorgeous little man came into our lives...

We love you Cisco. (2 days old)

Leaving the Kalispell Hospital with Cisco.

Two peas in a pod. (Tuck & Rio)

Tylor went to Utah for work and got to see Doran on his mission.

While Ty was in Utah me and the boys went to the farm... Tuck is so happy when he is with him Grandpa Romeril, he won't leave him alone.

Tylor woke up one morning and decided he was a hunter.

Cisco - 2 months.

Spokane & shopping for my 27th Birthday.

October 26th - Tuck's 2nd Birthday!

October 31st - Halloween

November 6th - Cisco's Blessing day.

Tuck & his cousins at Cisco's Blessing dinner.

Absolutely obsessed with his bike.

Tuck making a fire.

Christmas 2001...

Phew... that was long!

My goal is to update the blog at least once a month, so I have a record of our families journey.



  1. Abby you seriously have the cutest family ever. You make two kids look easy! Cisco looks so much like Tuck in some of the pictures. Man they're going to have so much fun as they get older! PS. You're so stinking gorgeous!

  2. WHAT THE EFF? You had another baby?!?!? Gah. I"m the worst. Jk. . . I actually did kind of sorta hear about this somehow, but STILL.

    Are we really 27? Weird. Your boys are darling. I was shocked to see you posting again! Also, your blessing day dress is super cute. and so are you.