Summer In Utah

Just thought I'd document life in the Johnson household the past month...
  • Cisco started crawling around the 10 month mark.  He is cruising everywhere!  Up and down the stairs, follows Tuck around the house, and climbs on everything.  Tuck hates it, ha!  He gets so upset when Cisco plays with "his" toys, and his knew line is, "Stop moving Cisco!"  I'm sure they'll learn to share eventually, right?!
  • July 15, Tylor turned 30!  I had big plans for him this year, but the broken collar bone really put a damper on the motocross lesson I was going to surprise him with.  So instead I rented the Pleasant Grove pool, and we had a little party there with a few friends (more fun for me and the kids, I'm sure).  
  • I got a job!  I had to start working as a Dental Hygienist this year to keep my license, and I'm not ready to let that go.  So I headed back to work at my old office in Alpine.  I'm only working one day a week, and I'm loving it.  It's more fun then work.  I get to go interact with adults once a week and let Tylor and the boys fend for themselves, and I get paid for it!  It's fabulous.
Pleasant Grove Pool - Ty's 30th Birthday

Party People

My sad cake... I typically buy a DQ cake but opted to be Martha Stewart since 30 is a mile stone in life.  I attempted German chocolate cake (Ty's favorite)... it was lop side and the icing was too runny.  Tasted alright though. 

Jordan & Margaret came over and made us dinner on Tylor's birthday... couldn't ask for better friends.  Jordan and Tylor are BFF's.  No joke, these 2 gab on the phone like 40 year old house wives.
Our little Cisco man climbing on everything!

My first day back at work.  Tylor text me this pic... apparently this is how he keeps our kiddos happy!

The cutest, soon to be married, couple I know... Tuck and Hazel.  Tuck calls her Hazie Pie.

At the Harley store.
So I went in my first, probably my last, crossfit competition.  I have been hooked on crossfit ever since I started 5 months ago, and some how got talked into doing this competition.  It was so hard!  The workout was... 50 m sprint, 21 wall balls (12 lbs), 50 m sprint, 21 cleans (65 lbs), 50 m sprint, 21 wall balls, 50 m sprint, 21 dead lifts (105 lbs), 50 m sprint, 21 wall balls, 50 m sprint!  Crazy!  I did it in 8:42 and came in about the middle of the pack.  Don't know if I'll ever do a meet again, but it was fun to do one. 


  1. Yay for back to work! I bet that is so nice to have that one day to yourself! Looks like Tylor is doing a great job watching the boys! :) Good work on the crossfit! That sounds so intense!

  2. Nice work on the competition. I started crossfit 8 months ago and I'm totally addicted! Oh, and I love Cisco, he's totally identical to you!