Day 3

Today's events...

- Tuck slept until 11:30 (still recovering from the long trip)
- Played at the pool & ocean
- Nap time (for Tuck, not me!)
- Meanwhile, Tylor got to take a surf lesson from a pro surfer (mine turn is to come)
- Went out for some traditional Costa Rican food

I didn't know I was gonna love it here this much! I might have to talk Tylor into turning this into a 90 day blog instead of 60.

Jaco Rustica... authentic Costa Rican food, so good! Our plates were licked clean... Tuck helped.


  1. Oh, how fun. I am not going to lie, I am severly jealous as I look out my window at the piles of heaping snow. Can I come and join you, please.

  2. Beans and rice, beans and rice, beans and rice...90 days sounds great see you guys soon.

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  4. Hazel think Tuck looks like a hunk in his swim gear. Make sure to post daily because I will be checking EVERY DAY. What else am I gonna do with a new baby?