costa rica can you hear me?

Have you ever planned a 2 month vacation and waited 6 months for it to finally arrive, and you get mentally prepared for the 14 hour travel time with your 14 month old, and then 6 hours before your flight leaves you hear mad swearing coming from the bedroom and you come to find your husband realizes his passport is expired?

I have.

I am supposed to be on the beach right now building sand castles with Tuck and burying Tylor in the sand, instead I'm blogging from my trailer in Montana... don't get me wrong, I love Montana and my trailer, but the news was a bit heart breaking.

Anyways, current trip status is, Tylor is in Calgary trying to get an emergency passport, while me and Tuck are here, vehicle-less, waiting... Worst case scenario, we just postpone the trip for a couple weeks, so it's all good.

I am starting this blog so our families can see what we're up to in Costa Rica, and know that we are alive and well. My goal is to put up a picture a day, so I can document our trip and let my Mom know Tuck is loving Central America! Enjoy.


  1. I was an interesting evening that is for sure....

  2. ABBY! I don't even believe you are blogging. It makes me happy. This is so exciting about your trip, I can't wait to see/read all about it.

    Tuck is a freaking doll, can I have him marry Scarlett? Oh wait, they're related. Ticked. Anyway, I know you won't see this for a while and won't care much about looking at other blogs, but if you want an invite to mine, just e-mail me: jakeandkels@gmail.com