Day 4

Interesting story of the day...

I wrote about the grocery store a couple days ago, and how hard it was to find anything. We were told by a couple people about this "awesome" grocery store about 10 minutes away, so we decided to check it out.
We walked in and instantly realized it was definitely for the rich & famous... a.k.a. not us!
The whole store was filled with imported American products that were 3-4 times the price as back home. I get that it costs a lot to import, but I think that we will have to leave our favorite American goods behind until we return to Montana, and stick to the local stuff. Goodbye ketchup, goodbye cereal, goodbye licorice and most of all... goodbye Campbell's Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup (Tuck's favorite, I add vegetables to it... the only way he eats his veggies)
He loves it so much, I packed 4 cans to bring with us down here! Oh well, he loves the rice and beans.

Walmart in Montana - $2.00 Grocery Store in Costa Rica - $6.50 (for 1 can!)

My handsome boys... watching the sun set.


  1. I am so freakin glad you are doing a blog! I miss you, and love seeing pics of your trip! It looks amazing!