Day 2

Not to make anyone back at home jealous... but day 2 was Perfecto!
We slept till 1 in the afternoon (much needed), looked out our front window and ran to the beach, got something to eat, Tuck took a long nap (also, much needed), went to the pool, and then went grocery shopping.
Grocery shopping was an adventure, we were in the market an hour and came out with 5 items! Everything is in Spanish, obviously, but there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the layout of the grocery store. You basically have to walk down every isle to find what you need. Maybe they do this to watch us white guys run around looking for things, who knows. Great tip... if you ever come to Costa Rica, look for eggs in the non-refrigerated areas!

Our beach!

The view from our family room... amazing!

On our way to the grocery store, we have to carry everything home!


  1. love this! cute pics on beach! he's so stinking cute, but i'll keep quincee away cause i knew you growing up;)

  2. what a cute little beach bum. I'm glad you made it okay, after such a long trip. Ugh. You did better than I would have, that's for sure!

  3. The weather looks fantastic...and Tuck so cute...love him...

  4. JEALOUS!!! I've decided I might as well just post this comment everyday cause I will be jealous EVERY day!!