Day 8

It was my 2nd surf lesson this morning.
So awesome!
A little harder than the first time because he put me on a shorter board, so it took a bit getting used to.
I believe I can say, this is the hardest, funnest sport I've ever tried.

For all you boys, you'll be glad to hear that women are crazy all around the world! What did my surf instructor talk to me about while waiting for the perfect wave?... girl problems! haha. I had no advice for him but to say, Yes, we are sometimes crazy, but you need us, so deal with it.

So I had 3 perfect hours this morning surfing, while Tylor manned the beach with Tuck.

Oh that's just me... tryin to catch a wave. (I know I look retarded, but I promise you this is hard)


  1. Ab! You look awesome. Jordan tried to get me to surf one time and I threw a fit because I had a sand rash all down the front of my body (no rash guard) and we were both getting frustrated...it's a very difficult sport but, like always, you make it look easy. Do you have your own board?

  2. haha Margo... I made it look too hard! These were like 2 of the 4 waves I caught in 3 hours!
    And you definitely need to try again with a rash guard. The first lesson, the instructor was giving me his rash guard because he thought I didn't have one. It's a must.
    No, I don't have my own board, I've just been taking surf lessons and they bring a board. Tylor bought a board, so I'm gonna try it, but I think it's too short and will be too hard for me.
    Behind the boat is sooooo much easier!

  3. Abby I had no idea you had a blog!!! 60 days in Costa Rica sounds like a dream! I can't wait to keep reading about your adventures! P.S. Those waves look amazing! I'm adding you to my friend list on my blog so I can live vicariously through you the next two months! HAVE FUN!!!