Day 5

Finally... my turn for a surf lesson!
This was so much fun, in fact I'm taking another one Monday morning.
My goal is to take 1 lesson a week and practice on my own, and hopefully I will be able to get up and carve a little by the time we leave.
Tylor's goal is to surf Hermosa, it's the next beach over and the waves are quiet a bit bigger than here on Jaco.
The only problem is... Tuck! hahaha, not to be rude but he makes it impossible for us to go surfing together. So I have to go out into the deep, dark ocean on my own and hopefully not get swallowed up by the waves!

The most exciting part of Tylor's day... a new surfboard!
It slept between us that night.

For Jordan Jensen (because he's the only one who will appreciate this pic)
The surf shop where Ty bought his board and the half pipe he was telling you about.

Tuck boy running around, trying to escape outside... he throws a tantrum every time we come inside!


  1. You don't know how bad I would love to surf with you! I have never been but it sounds so fun and it would be like old times of snowboarding and skateboarding!

  2. Tuck is so stinking cute!! Also yes Steele gets mad when she's on the laptop but I too pretend I don't notice!! It's her favorite toy and I can't say NO all day!!

  3. My point exactly Shelly... glad I'm not the only one with this point of view. Ty thinks I'm crazy and I tell him I'm crazy if I don't let him!

  4. abby, this is so fun! im so jelous. this will be an awesome keep sake! have fun!