Day 6

Believe it or not (i don't know why you wouldn't, we are super friendly people), but we made some Costa Rican friends. Or maybe Tuck made us the friends, he seems to attract a lot of attention our way.
Anyways, they invited us to this surf competition in Hermosa.
Alejandro, the dude, was competing in it, and it was pretty cool to watch.
It was right before sunset, so it was gorgeous.
We watched them surf until the sun went down.
Good people, good food, good beach, great sunset...
Perfect end to our day.

Surf Comp.

It's the weekend here and oh does it get crazy!
Jaco is the closest beach town to the city, San Jose, so tons of people from the city come here every weekend.
Plus, it's summer holidays for all the kids in school. They get Dec. & Jan. off.
Anyways, this town was NUTS saturday night.
One cool thing about Costa Rica, is there are really no rules on the beach...
people can camp wherever they want, you can have bonfires, and you can drive your car right up on the beach. Anything goes.

Taken Saturday night from our balcony. The entire beach looked like this. Families camping, kids running around naked, lots of noise; it was pretty funny!


  1. I am sure that the cute like white boy attracts a lot of attention....you better watch him close...it looks so fun down there. Grandma better come for a visit.

  2. Just found your blog through Kelsey's. Why are you in Costa Rica for 60 days? actually who cares, i'm jealous no matter what. Hope it's a blast and i'll have to follow your days since I sit on my butt all day long lately.

  3. Can I come camp on your beach?

  4. Me too!! Just Kelsey and I...we'll leave the kids at home with their Dads!!