Day 9

We have been walking for probably an average of 2 hours everyday since we got here.
Out feet are sore!
For those of you who know Tylor, he hates to physically exert himself unless there's a board under his feet. (skateboard, wakeboard, surfboard, snowboard) You get the picture.
And Tylor is a smart guy, if he has a problem with something, he's going to fix it.
So today he came home with the answer to our sore feet...

Banana Bikes! (that's what they call them here)

Now we can get almost anywhere in Jaco in 5 mins, and we have baskets for our groceries.
Don't you love the baby seat? I haven't seen anyone use one of these since I was little, my Mom had one. I think they're from the 80's.
Tuck loves it, he ohhhs & ahhhs at everything we pass.

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  1. I didn't realize you guys were in CR already! Now Tylor's banana bike post on facebook makes sense. I love, love, love Costa Rica. Not sure if you guys already have tons of plans for things to do there, but I have lots of tips if you want any. Live it up for us!