Day 15

Tylor and I both went out surfing today, separately of course.
One of us had to stay behind and watch the rat!
haha That's a joke... my brother Levi always refers to his kids as rats, so I've started using the term. Tuck is a cute, fun, lovable rat!
Anyways, we could sum up Ty's experience in one word - amazing. He's really catching on quickly, and getting pretty comfortable on his board.
The word to sum up my experience - a wreck! This was the first time I went out alone, without an instructor and it was on Tylor's short board. Which I was told the board would be really difficult for me, but thought I could do it anyways. I figured people underestimate me, after all I'm a southern alberta farm girl! We're bred pretty dang tough.
But I guess we're just not bred for the ocean! I pretty much got tossed around by the waves and every time I would kind of catch something, I couldn't get passed my knees on the board.
Where's Mauricio when I need him! (my favorite surf instructor)
Needless to say, I will keep trying.

Yup, that's me out there... waiting patiently to get rocked by the ocean.

Walking back feeling a little defeated.

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  1. Oh, don't give up abby.lol. You are tough and never forget that! I have never met a girl tougher than you. seriously.