Day 19 & 20

L. A. Z. Y.

I believe our last 18 days of go go go fun have caught up to us.
We woke up Friday morning feeling super drained.
So we haven't done much of anything the last couple days.
Mostly hung out in the house and went to the pool.
In fact yesterday, the only body of water we made it into was the shower!
Tuck took a 4 hour nap, which ate up the whole afternoon, but hey, I'm not complaining...
I took a nap too.
So what adventures have day 19 & 20 took us on?
A whole lot of this...


  1. The garbage can thing was hillarious. It is definately your boy.lol. It looks like you guys are having a little too much fun. I seriously want to get tuck and hudson together. I think they would have a blast.

  2. SO Cute!! Love his little suntan!
    I got that suit from the girl in lethbridge that sells stuff. I think it's a Mod Bod or whatever that brand is.