Day 24

Manuel Antonio!

That's the name of the national park we visited today.
So cool.
Took lots of pics.

Beautiful view of this cool bay, this was before Manuel Antonio.
The water was so blue, you could see the bottom.

This sign should say "Beware of crazy monkeys!"

Really cool Iguanas or Lizards? Not sure which.

Cute little sloth. I'd never even heard of this animal.


Termite nest, apparently they make candy out of termites here!
They're full of protein, mmm mmm.

Can you see the family of monkeys?

About half way through the park you come to this beautiful hidden beach.
We decided to take a much needed rest. This is our cute tour guide Gabby.

Okay, these monkeys have obviously been around humans too much!
They come right up to you at the beach looking for food.
They are so dang smart, this one actually unzipped this lady's backpack looking for the goods, but nothing was found. So instead he walked over to this other blanket and took a lady's sandwich, she wasn't taking any crap from this monkey and went after him to get her sandwich back! Hilarious!
Apparently they take people purses all the time and head up the trees!

After the hike, Gabby took us to this amazing hotel on a cliff top in the town.
The view was breath taking. Pictures don't do justice.

So fun.


  1. I want to just let you know that reading your blog is torturous. I wish I was there so back. It is gorgeous. Your family is so cute and you seriously look like the best mom.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! So glad you're having such a good time!

  3. this was the best yet...the monkeys..crazy. You look great.

  4. I love, love Manuel Antonio. Such a beautiful place. So glad you were able to enjoy it.

  5. gorgeous. I love that shot of you walking down the beach with tuck.