Day 30!

I can't believe our trip is half over.
It feels like we just got here yesterday, and now we're already over the hump!
Here are some pics from the last few days...

Sunday night stroll on the beach.

Tuck could have stood on this rock for hours... the waves would rush in around it and he loved it!

Sweet stand-up paddle boarding dude.
I want to try this... you stand on the board at all times and use a paddle.
He was awesome, and he ran someone over, so that was funny.

This was my sucker for about 8 seconds.
He's so smart, he stood in the corner and did not move for 10 minutes until it was gone.
So I gave him 5 more! Jokes.

Latest surf lesson...
The biggest waves Mauricio has put me on.
A lot of fun, and a little nerve wracking.
I also got my first surf wound...
I got a wave on my head and was slammed to the ocean floor.
This break was a rock bottom so I just got my leg cut up and bruised.
Mauricio felt so bad, he said your husband is going to kill me.
I assured him, my husband was watching and laughing at me! (and he was)


  1. Wow those waves look amazing! It looks like your pretty much pro now...you're just too hot to handle Abby!

  2. You look awesome out there! Great shots too!

  3. So intense, you look just like the summertime on the back of the boat, the water is just a little more intimidating. Sorry to hear of the injuries, but that's what you get when you play with the big boys, love you, miss you, have fun.