Day 17

Our computer is slowly crashing!
We knew it was dieing, but thought it would last through the trip.
Anyways, it hasn't been working the last few days, so if you don't hear from me for a while, you'll know why.
Tylor has to have a computer here for work so we're just figuring that out. Lap tops are around 500.00 more here than the states!

This morning I had another amazing surf lesson. I actually rode down the line and got a few carves in! Big progress for me, it felt so cool. I'm on a board a foot longer than Tylor's and it makes the world of difference... hence, Tylor's amazing!

This afternoon was all about Tuck. While Tylor surfed, Tuck and I played on the beach, and I decided since I've been having so much fun, we would do whatever Tuck wanted to do. Which, unfortunately is not to sit and watch Dad surf.
We chased birds for about an hour, watched a dog fetch his ball (Tuck is obsessed with all animals), climbed over logs, and watched a man catch 5 fish in a row. After each fish was caught and flopping around on the sand, Tuck watched the man throw a big rock at its head to kill it, you can imagine what this does to a little boy... naturally, he wanted to throw rocks at it too!

Fun day for all.

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  1. Now the killing the fish...that's Tuck boy...a true blue boy thing...I can see a bonding moment with men, and them both enjoying that. Too bad you couldn't have brought those home for the frying pan and had fresh fish for supper too. love you guys.