Day 18

Today's blog is especially for the Grandmas.
Tuck has changed so much since we got here and has learned some new tricks in the last couple days...

Today he took the garbage from the bathroom, put it on his head and walked around the house for about a half hour, running into everything. It was hilarious!

Don't ask me where he learned this game, it's not one Tylor and I play often.

I took these pics for my Mom! He truly is your grandson. Today he got out the mixed nuts from the snack drawer and sat down for some T.V. and a snack! I honestly did not help him do this, and didn't even know he liked peanuts... he was only picking out the peanuts.

He also just learned to open the doors! They are leavers here, so he can reach up on his tip toes and open and close the doors... not good.
Funny, funny Tuck boy!


  1. I can't believe how grown up he looks...

  2. That's a REAL asset! I kid who will eat the peanuts out of a can of mixed nuts! He can come over here any time!

  3. that is so funny, my boys do that with buckets, garbages or anything else they can find. crazy kids. congrats on the surfing progress! im jelous.